Want to learn Dibac for SketchUp for free?

Make a complete project with Dibac for SketchUp with these video tutorials

1. Walls

In this video you´ll learn how to create walls with different thickness using Dibac for SketchUp, the conversion of the model to 3D and how to change the height of the walls.

2. Doors

In this video we show you how to use the default doors of Dibac for SketchUp. How to set the parameters and different ways to insert the doors in the walls.

3. Windows

Learn how to set the setting of the default windows of Dibac for SketchUp, how to insert them into the model and what else can you do with them in the model.

4. Wardrobes

Simple and easy settings for the wardrobes of Dibac for SketchUp. Learn how to use them in just a moment.

5. Choose Component

With Dibac you can use any self-created or downloaded component saved in your library. In this tutorial you´ll learn how to use the component tool.

6. Choose Joinery

This is the perfect tool for using your own doors, windows, wardrobes, latticework, etc…

7. Top and floor

In this video you´ll learn one of the many possible ways to create the floor and the top of the project using SketchUp native tools.

8. Materials

You can apply materials and textures to the geometry created with Dibac for SketchUp. The plugin will remember the applied materials when the floor-plan is converted to 3D.

9. Dimensiones tool

Dibac for SketchUp has its own continuous dimension tool. It can be used when the floor-plan is in 2D and in edition mode. You also set a minimum dimension to be displayed with this tool.

Other free video tutorials

This videos tutorials will allow you to master most of the tools that the plugin offers.


All about drawing walls with Dibac

Doors and Wardrobes

All about inserting default Dibac’s doors and wardrobes.


All about drawing windows with Dibac

Self-Owned Components

All about importing your own components on Dibac.

Edit the 2D view of components

Learn how to edit the 2D section view of any Dibac component.

Choose joinery tool

Learn how to use the joinery tool.

Continuous Dimension Tool

Learn all about the Continuous Dimension Tool.

Eyedropper Tool

Learn all about the Eyedropper Tool.

More tutorials coming soon…

In the meantime you can also check out our user manual.

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